Transforming and advancing the transport landscape

Enhancing security, promoting safety of lives, efficient traffic management, and robust revenue generation

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Welcome to the Ministry of Transportation, established in April 2009 with a mission to spearhead and execute policies aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the transportation system in the State. Our jurisdiction covers both Road and Maritime transport activities, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive transport solutions.

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We as a Ministry are charged with the responsibility of enhancing security, promoting safety of lives, efficient traffic management, and robust revenue generation

Our Mandate


Issuance of Road Worthiness Certificates; ;
Road traffic Management and Control
Facilitation of the development of Transportation Infrastructure
Regulation & Management of Driving Schools in the State
Employment Generation and Empowerment
Training and retraining for migration from manual to digital road management.
Regulation and Management of the activities of Private Transport Operators in the State
Management of School Free Shuttle Scheme
Coordination & Supervision of Road Traffic and Inland Water Ways Services
Maintenance of Marine Equipment ie. Amphibes 400E Machine, Supper Chopper
Skimming Boats and Government Boats
Enforcement of Traffic Laws and Regulations
Management of Parks Garages; Construction & Maintenance of Jetties
Regulation & Management of Mechanic Workshops among others Employment Generation and Empowerment
Supervision of Consultants engaged under the Ministry for Optimal performance
Regulation and Management of Road Transport Union activities
Clearance of Water Hyacinth/Weeds on the State Inland Waterways
Supervision/ Installation of Road Furniture i.e. Road Signs, Road Markings, Traffic Signal
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